weswop is easy

Easy like an App

Download our app - Swollet - the first wallet made for merchants. Get paid with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more and send receipts to your customers.

weswop dashboard

Control your business

Connect your Swollet to the Swop Dashboard and keep your cryptos income under control with our advanced statistics explorer.

weswop api


Integration with third-party system, like PoS and retail software, will allow you to see cryptocurrencies just like a normal, daily, payment method.

A wallet for daily operation

weSwop is a multi-currency HD wallet, made specifically for merchants able to cover all the cashier operations. It's easy to use: designed for you, your employees, your business.

weswop swollet, wallet for cryptocurrencies
cloud portal weswop

Cloud based portal

A business compliant dashboard to control everything related to your business and your cryptocurrencies income.

Advanced statistics for management control

Fiscal data privacy

History navigation and tax compliant reports

All roads lead to...you!

You can publish your shop in a cryptocurrencies-ready merchants directory and show your business to the world! Hundred of potential new customers are going to know you!

weswop map, cryptocurrency ready

And now...what can you do with cryptocurrencies?

weSwop allows you to easily use your cryptocurrencies in different ways!


weswop swollet

Keep your cryptocurrencies safe in the crypto-network (blockchain) or pay with cryptocurrencies other merchants like you.


weswop credit card

With the Swop debit card you can pay everywhere just like a normal debit card.


weswop bank

Convert your cryptocurrencies into real money and settle them into your bank account.

weSwop inside your Point-of-Sales!

weSwop provides a set of libraries that allows software providers (like PoS software) to accept easily cryptocurrencies.

weSwop app integration

Accepting cryptocurrencies directly inside your PoS system is time-saving and much more efficient.

Close to you

Find a weSwop partner in your area and discover how easy it is to accept cryptocurrencies!

Scalable technologies

Our libraries and API connector will be provided for different platform giving the opportunities to interact with many software providers.
Maybe your Point-of-sales is already..ready!