One app, everything you need

Spend and manage cryptocurrencies in real-world and get crypto-cash back! weSwop is a multicurrency all-in-one HD wallet, able to manage in a single entry point every common operation related to cryptocurrencies.

Something normal

Choosing weSwop you'll see cryptocurrencies as a normal day to day payment method.

Something special

You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other peers through a decentralized p2p crypto-fiat exchange

weswop app for cryptocurrencies
weswop map stores cryptocurrency ready

Impossible to get lost

weSwop helps you to find stores, restaurants, cafes where you can pay with cryptocurrencies. Inside our app you'll see a public map that shows you all the weSwop partners. You just have to tap and discover how easy it is to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more.

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One application for many currencies. One wallet for all the features you need... and more!

swollet wallet for cryptocurrency

* A fee (gas) given to the network (not taken by weSwop) applies.

swollet wallet for cryptocurrency

debit cart cryptocurrency

pay everywhere with our Swop debit card!

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