BLOCKCHAIN technologies and CRYPTOCURRENCIES are impacting positively our daily life. This is an on-running slow process, mainly accessible just to a technological audience.
Thanks to our knowledge of Point-of-Sales, in-store process and micro-payments we are providing an hybrid solutions to accelerate this change and makes...
cryptocurrencies for everyone!

weswop swollet, wallet for cryptocurrencies

Online disinformation and scams are everywhere: simple questions like “How can I buy and manage cryptocurrencies?” or “How can I accept cryptocurrencies in my store?” are extremely frequent while answers are most of the time incomplete, confusing or even dangerous.

Soon you can read our white paper
Our solution

Being a business-compliant solution for merchants and a valid, easy and secure tool for consumers, weSwop wants to speed up cryptocurrencies adoptions in the real world. Everyone should get ready to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, not barely for trading, but as a normal payment method.

Soon you can read our white paper